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Above Quota Elections is the finest election services provider Australia-wide, with the finest electoral minds for all of your electoral needs, from election management to education.

About us

Above Quota Elections has managed over sixty complex elections, by-elections, and referenda, carried out via various methods, and have declared approximately 2,500 elected positions from around 8,000 candidates and has processed close to two million individual ballot papers.

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What we do

Above Quota Elections is a comprehensive provider of electoral services, offering election management for organisations at all levels, consultation on election-related constitutional and regulatory change, and educational programs for all stakeholders in the electoral process.

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Are you interested in finding out more about our services, arranging a meeting to discuss your particular electoral needs, or organising a quote or tender submission? Contact our team of experienced and knowledgeable Returning Officers by emailing contact@abovequota.com.au.