La Trobe Student Association Inaugural Election 2021

The inaugural elections for the La Trobe Student Association (LTSA) will be held online from 10am Monday 12th April until 2pm Friday 16th April (Melbourne time). All students are eligible to vote for the representatives on their campus’s Student Council, as well as the representatives on the International Student Council.

All eligible students will be sent an email with the link to their personal ballot, starting 10am Monday. If you haven’t received yours by Tuesday, please contact the Returning Officer.

The returning officer in charge of the election is Goldie Pergl of Above Quota Elections Pty Ltd, who may be contacted at

Information and FAQs about voting

Who can I vote for?

Students at the Bendigo and Bundoora campuses can for the respective campuses. All students can vote for members of the International Student Council.

You can read candidate policy statements provided by candidates as part of their nominations. Additionally, candidates may produce their own publicity.

What if I don’t receive the email containing my ballot?

Ballots are being sent out on 10am Monday, but it is possible some of the emails in the bulk mailout will not arrive immediately. If you haven’t received your ballot by Tuesday, please contact the Returning Officer.

Why are there no ballots for Student Councils at campuses other than Bendigo and Bundoora?

There are Student Councils representing each La Trobe campus. For Albury-Wodonga, City, Mildura and Shepparton, there were enough spots on those campus Student Councils for everyone who submitted a valid nomination, so there is no need to hold an election—those people are elected automatically. Nominations were open from 19th Mar – 26 Mar and again from 29 Mar to 1 Apr.

Where can I found out more about LTSA?

Located on all six La Trobe University campuses, LTSA provide Student Services and Amenities Fees (SSAF) funded support services previously offered by the Bendigo Student Association, La Trobe Student Union, Mildura Student Association, Shepparton Student Association and Wodonga Student Association. Leveraging off valuable lessons learnt during COVID-19, LTSA will also be extending our support to those students studying in the virtual lecture halls of La Trobe University.

More information can be found on the LTSA website.

Who can I contact if I need help?

For election-related inquiries, please contact the returning officer.

Table of contents

Candidates’ Forum

A Candidates’ Forum, allowing each candidate to give their policy statement, and giving you an opportunity to ask questions, will be held on Saturday 10th April. The forum will be held online using Zoom. The Forum is separated into three parts, and you can register (free) here:

You will have an opportunity to ask questions during the forum using the linked form.

Candidates: We have contacted you by email for you to register for the Forum.

Policy statements

These policy statements provided by candidates [PDF file] are now available, for contested positions. Note these policy statements have not been edited or checked for accuracy.

The policy statements will also be provided directly to voters on the ballot page.

List of nominations

A list of nominations, incorporating nominations received during the re-opened nominations period, is now available. The list is now in ballot paper order (for those Student Councils for which a ballot is needed).

Notice of election

You can read the formal notice of election in PDF format.

Positions for election

The election will fill positions on these LTSA Student Councils:

Nomination information (how to be a candidate)

Nominations for this election have closed. Please contact the returning officer if you have any questions.

How to vote

Election week will run 12 – 16 April, 2021. A link to the voting form will be sent to your email account, on the morning of 12th April. All enrolled at a particular campus may vote for election to that campus’s Student Council. All students may vote for the International Student Council. This vote is conducted online, and optional preferential voting (numbering candidates in order of preference) will be used for all positions.

Polling will run from 10am, Monday 12th April 2021 until 2pm, Friday 16th April 2021 (Melbourne time). You cannot vote outside of these times.

Election timetable

Important documents

Contact information

The returning officer in charge of the election is Goldie Pergl of Above Quota Elections Pty Ltd, who may be contacted at

For further information about LTSA, visit the LTSA website.